Nahita Wally 93

Launching of the new Wally 93 Nahita.

As the riggers and running rigging suppliers for the previous Nahita, Wally 80 we were excited to work on the new build Wally 93, Nahita. Offshore Rigging Services has supplied the running rigging and textile fittings, working completely with materials from Gottifredi Maffioli.

Good projects start with planning and communication. We worked closely with the rig designers, sail makers and yacht builders to insure that the running rigging was ideally suited to this beautiful new Wally.

Another fantastic project to a part off, read more about the launching in the link below.

“The Nahita team has been working closely with Offshore Rigging Services for almost 3 years, During this this time we relied on ORS heavily thought the project, for all of the following services:
Rig tune
Performance Upgrades
Deck gear solutions
Standing and running rigging solutions,
Rigging consultancy
Materials supply
Design development
New mast (Wally 80)
And Most notably with the New build Wally 93  mast design consultancy and interfacing with the design and build team at the ship yard. We saved a lot of time using ORS as their attention to detail in the design stage ensured the running rigging was finished and ready to go with out any need for modifications or replacements on day one.
ORS attention to detail, commitment to following the project, workmanship ( from every whipping up to rig design), competitive pricing, and reliability is at a premium level.
On top of this their ability to build good working relationships with owners, race team, permanent crew, ship yards, engineers, designers and Suppliers¬†has made it an easy choice to continue using ORS though out the project.”

William Palmer Captain S/V NAHITA